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(JKR-0671) A Study of the Safety and How the Body Affects a Drug (CNTO 1959) in Healthy Volunteers and in Patients With Psoriasis

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Principal Investigator:
James G. Krueger M.D., Ph.D.

James G. Krueger M.D., Ph.D.

Contact Information:
Clinical Research Support Office
1230 York Ave
New York, NY 10065
Telephone: 1-800-RUCARES
Alt. Telephone: 1-800-782-2737
Enrollment Status:
Closed to Enrollment

Brief Summary of Protocol:
The Rockefeller University Hospital is conducting a 28 week study which will test a new drug that may be successful in treating Psoriasis. The goal of the study is to test the safety and potential side effects of the new drug.

Detailed Description of Protocol:
This study includes 14 outpatient visits over a 28 week period. The visits will include blood draws, skin biopsies. Participants will be given either the study drug (CNTO 1959) or a placebo (sugar) via subcutaneous (under the skin) injection.

What specifically makes a person eligible for the study?
You may be eligible to enter this study:

• Diagnosed with plaque type, moderate to severe psoriasis
• Have psoriasis on more than 10% of your body
• Generally in good health



Children permitted to participate:

Potential Benefits.....
No benefits are guaranteed. Participation may help psoriasis patients in the future.

Compensation will be provided to participants.